Saturday, January 21, 2006

In my dreams

In my dreams I walk thousand miles
looking for a shelter in the deserted land
Someone out there's following me
watching me from all over
showing me oasis in a land so near

flowing with river
gushing through the woods
I wander in the jungle of thorns
searching for silhouettes in dark hoods.

flying with the birds
migrating from land afar
I look for a place to reside
a warm nest that would keep me tied

In my dreams I see you by my side
caressing me everytime I cried
murmuring in my ear making me feel secure
tightened in your arms away from my fear

I open up my eyes to find myself lonely
If that was a dream then
Let it be!
Let it be!
Let it be!


Aditya said...

nice stufff ... original i suppose?

Priyabhashini said...

very original...right from heart...thanks a lot.

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